Transforming Subscriptions 

We're fed up with inflexible subscriptions with a 'one size fits all' approach - there is no such thing as an average customer. 

This old fashioned approach limits growth & alienates customers.

​We're on a mission to make subscriptions customer centric. 

This Is How We Started


Experienced the constraints in building a tailored subscription model due to inflexible systems


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Tailored & personalised  Subscriptions


Subundl was born from frustration with the subscriptions management and billing software on offer that constrains what can be offered to customers.


The lack of flexibility & poor customer experience functionality shocked the us from both the retailer & consumer side. Interviews with retailers & customers across a wide variety of sectors have only further solidified this view.

We have been driven to develop innovative subscription software, so retailers can offer their customers full control over the products they want, how often they receive them, with the option to pay at the frequency they prefer. An all in one tailored subscription.

Making happy, loyal customers increases average order value, maximises customer lifetime value & accelerates growth.  

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