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Personalised by them, for them

Customers get what they want, when they want it

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Customisation = Personalisation = Loyalty

Customers are demanding increasingly higher levels of personalisation. 


Subundl gives customers the ability to create, manage & configure their own subscriptions to maximise growth.

Customers are all different & have highly variable needs

A 'one size fits all' subscription model doesn't work for customers.


There is no average customer, so why offer the same subscription to all?

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Pre-set bundles suck

Customers don't all want the same products,

so why give them the same?

Products don't get used at the same frequency,

so why send them at the same time?

Multiple subscriptions with the same retailer annoy customers

Customers want the ease of managing all the products they subscribe to in one subscription.

They want & need to feel in control. 

Don't just take our word

"We're trying to do bundling subscriptions but they're a massive headache with different products on different frequencies. We thought it'd be very difficult until Subundl came into our lives."

Founder, High Growth Household products Company


How we help you make happy loyal customers


Subscription bundles made by  them


Only get products they want


Get products when needed

no overstocking or running out


Paid on their preferred frequency

All in one subscription 

With the right platform, everything is possible